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It is not about trash anymore; not about customarily demands. It is about how mother History would have to laugh at us later on.

It is not about our majestic past anymore, nor about what our successful diaspora has accomplished all over the world. Today, the past does not matter for our image has finally lost its divine aura.

We all want to love Lebanon. We all want to live here.

Yet, do we really love it and live it? Do we really LiveLoveBeirut?

There is a major difference between a utopic desire and an actual physical sensible action, one that comes from reason and not patriotic treason.

Today, we stopped dreaming.
Today, all optimistic fantasies are dissolved. Time has frozen and not one glimpse at the past nor the future is relevant. Today all what matters is today. ACTION!

The Lebanese majority still does not believe in change, and that is comprehensible.
Besides the strange passion about conspiracy theories and complex devious plans - built in the shadows to destroy obvious realities - that runs in “some” Lebanese blood, it is understandable for the following reason: change is never easy.
The social version of change is even harder. Yes, our contemporary disaster in Lebanon is social. The people, after a long period of chaos - that period of civil war, occupation, other wars, etc. well known by us all - developed a mutation and adapted to malfunction.

In order to upgrade to a cleaner social software, we have to pass by a phase of conflict between the disease and its medicine: corruption versus correction.

Remember, Earth was not always round. Slavery was an everyday commodity. Witches were burned alive. Homosexuality was considered as a disease. The list goes on…
Open a cage in the jungle, the animal inside would not leave easily to habitate the new scary home. Change is not easy.

Even if you, reader, see that your physical participation in the protest phenomenon would mean nothing against that heavy - impossible to move - iceberg of passivity, kindly consider joining metaphysically, psychologically, or even spiritually; join with your soul and ideas. It would be a decent start. You will convert as soon as you see evidence of righteousness triumph.

Tomorrow, August the 29th of the year 2015, Lebanon is peacefully fighting for its freedom.
Tomorrow is a national festival of Conscience and Responsibility.
If you have respect for your human dignity, do not, under any circumstance, ignore that date.

Do not wish it luck. Do not break a leg. Break your silence and indifference.

For the sake of Lebanon, for the sake of mother-flower Evolution, please, all together chant REVOLUTION.

Jules-Joël Bakhos, FM.


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