The USJ Music Club

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The USJ Music Club
The USJ Music Club
The USJ Music Club

It all started three years ago when three people who barely knew each other got together by a complete stroke of luck. Each of them knew that a CSM music club was forming, but none of them thought it would grow to hold over eighty members in all campuses in 2015.

A few years back, there had already been a musical presence within the university, a band that inspired the official creation of the current club.

The CSM club had its first concert a few weeks after its new members met, all first and second year students. They participated in the “We’ve got your back Pete” charity event at the CIS. The club performed three songs, a humble start for what came later on.

Today, the club participates in over seven concerts each year, within and outside the USJ grounds. In fact, it is invited by other universities to perform in major events:

Marathon de Beyrouth, Talent Shows, LAU Spring Festival, BALAMAND Music Festival, Earth Hour Concert, Playing For Change Day, Festival Saint-Joseph, Daraj Al Yassouieh, and so on…

The club’s main purpose is to bring people together under the name of music. That basically translates into creating covers of songs we all know and love. The members always find the time in their overbooked schedules to get together and practice new ideas. They love music and that is why it comes naturally to them.

The club exists to create a safe environment, far from the stress found on campus, where students can express themselves and project their safe haven onto others through the multiple concerts of the year.

This year, the music club has a new vision. It already expanded to most USJ campuses in Lebanon, and it is still developing. It will hold recruitments for new members in the coming weeks. The main objective of this year is to upgrade the music room into a fully functional, soundproof music room that can be used to record new songs and covers.

Keep an ear out for good music coming out of the campus… It is the music club practicing some new tunes!

And, if you have talent and you want to be in a band or just enjoy music, make sure to contact us!!


Michèle CHERRO 71112701

Elias LATTOUF 7022392

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